Frequently Asked Questions


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When does my cover start?


Your policy starts on the day you sign up. However, there is an initial 30-day period where you cannot make a claim. This is to prevent pre-existing problems and allow us to keep our prices affordable.




Do you cover old boilers?


We do, yes. You will be prompted to enter the age of your boiler when you initially view our cover plans. There is a slight difference in price however to accommodate for the higher failure rate of older boilers.




How quickly can you have someone out?


We aim to always be there within 24 hours. If your issue is an emergency, we will try to be out even sooner than that.




When does my boiler service happen?


You will be prompted to book your boiler service shortly after signing up to your cover plan. Your service must be performed within 30 days of your policy start date.




What are the key facts of your terms & conditions I should know?


Please click here to view our full terms and conditions.


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^No claims can be made in the first 30 days. Conditions, exclusions and  charges may apply.


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