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A Must for All Landlords and Property Owners: Get Your Gas Safety Certificate in Hawick

Protect your property in Hawick and remain legally compliant with this essential gas safety certificate. Sign up for one of our budget-friendly Boiler Cover options to unlock access to Hawick's top-rated boiler services.

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Gas Safety Certificate With Our Boiler Cover Services From Just £19 Per Month

Anyone who owns or manages a property with gas appliances is required to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate. This certification is a legal requirement aimed at ensuring the safety of occupants and visitors.

If you’re a landlord, you must secure a regular gas safety check for your residential or commercial building every year if you plan to rent or sell it. This involves a Gas Safe-registered engineer inspecting each gas appliance on site, including gas boilers, central heating systems, and stoves.

To get a gas safety certificate in Balerno, contact our team at The Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company. Secure your peace of mind by enrolling in one of our comprehensive boiler cover plans. Our expert services ensure that your property meets the necessary safety standards, providing you with reliable protection for your gas appliances.

Please also view our comprehensive terms and conditions brochure to find out exactly what’s covered in your plan here.

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  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Boiler & Controls Cover
  • Central Heating Cover
  • Internal Plumbing Cover
  • Home Drains Cover
  • Home Electrics Cover

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Obtaining Gas Safety Certificates Is Easy With The Edinburgh Boiler Company

At The Edinburgh Boiler Company, we make the process of obtaining landlord gas safety certificates simple. Simply sign up to our boiler covers plans and schedule an appointment. For everything from holiday homes to company buildings, we'll ensure all your gas appliances are completely safe. It is best practice to schedule your annual safety check promptly so that you remain compliant and provide a safe place for you or your tenants to live.

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Our Most Common FAQs For Gas Safety Checks

What Is a Gas Safety Certificate?

This certificate is part of your gas safety records that ensures that all gas appliances have passed an annual gas safety check. Two different gas safety certificates are available in Hawick: the CP12 certificate and the CP15 certificate.

A CP12 certificate is for residential buildings containing gas appliances that use a maximum of 20 kilowatts of gas.

If you own a commercial property, however, you must acquire a CP15 certificate for that property. Additionally, you can obtain a Commercial Gas Installation Safety Report, Commercial Boiler Gas Safety Certificate, and Commercial Gas Installation Testing and Purging if these apply to your commercial property.

Who Needs a Gas Safety Certificate in Hawick?

In Hawick, anyone who owns or manages a property with gas appliances is required to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate. This certification is a legal requirement aimed at ensuring the safety of occupants and visitors. The following individuals or entities typically need a Gas Safety Certificate:

Landlords: Landlords are obligated to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate for each property they rent out. This ensures that gas appliances, fittings, and flues are safe for use.

Property Managers: Individuals or companies responsible for managing properties on behalf of landlords must also ensure that Gas Safety Certificates are obtained and kept up to date.

Homeowners: Even if you’re not a landlord, if you own a property with gas appliances, it’s advisable to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate to guarantee the safety of your household.

Letting Agents: Professionals involved in facilitating property rentals, such as letting agents, are often responsible for coordinating the acquisition of Gas Safety Certificates on behalf of landlords.

Business Owners: For commercial properties with gas appliances, business owners or managers must obtain Gas Safety Certificates to comply with safety regulations.

It’s essential to schedule annual gas safety inspections by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer to assess and certify the safety of gas installations. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to legal consequences and, more importantly, pose risks to the well-being of occupants.

How Much Do Gas Safety Checks Cost?

The cost of your safety check will depend on a variety of factors. The final cost depends on:

  • The size of the property
  • The number of gas appliances installed on the property
  • The type of appliances on the property
  • The location of your property

When landlords or property owners don’t complete these safety checks, they risk letting agencies in charge of gas and oil safety interfere with the renting or sale of the property.

What Do Gas Safety Checks for Gas Appliances Inlcude?

Gas safety checks for gas appliances typically involve a thorough examination of various components to ensure the safe operation of the appliances. Here are the key aspects generally included in gas safety checks:

Appliance Inspection: A detailed inspection of each gas appliance to assess its condition, functionality, and safety features.

Flue and Ventilation Check: Examination of the flue systems and ventilation to ensure proper removal of combustion products and adequate air supply for combustion.

Gas Pressure Check: Verification of gas pressure to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications and operates within safe limits.

Burner and Ignition System Examination: Inspection of burners and ignition systems to confirm they are functioning correctly and efficiently.

Gas Leak Detection: A thorough check for gas leaks throughout the gas supply system using specialized tools or solutions to ensure there are no potential safety hazards.

Safety Device Testing: Testing safety devices, such as flame failure devices, to ensure they are working as intended.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Levels: Measurement of carbon monoxide levels to confirm they are within safe limits, protecting occupants from potential health risks.

Pipework Inspection: Examination of gas pipework to identify any signs of corrosion, damage, or issues that could compromise safety.

Combustion Efficiency Assessment: Evaluation of the efficiency of combustion to ensure appliances are burning fuel cleanly and not producing excessive carbon monoxide.

Documentation: The issuance of a Gas Safety Certificate detailing the outcomes of the inspection, confirming compliance with safety regulations.

It’s crucial to note that gas safety checks should be conducted by Gas Safe registered engineers who have the necessary expertise and qualifications to carry out such assessments. Regular gas safety checks are essential for maintaining the safety and efficiency of gas appliances and protecting both property occupants and the property itself.

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