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Is My Boiler Still Under Warranty?

Here at Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company, headquartered in the heart of Edinburgh, we understand the importance of knowing whether is my Boiler still under warranty agreement or guarantee agreement.

In this comprehensive blog post, we aim to explore this topic meticulously, providing invaluable insights to ensure you’re covered when it truly matters.

Boiler Still Under Warranty

Our Dedication to Local Excellence

Before we delve into the nuances of boiler warranties, allow us to introduce ourselves. Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company is committed to delivering unparalleled service that consistently surpasses expectations. As the highest-rated boiler company in Scotland on Trustpilot, we take immense pride in our local roots and our unwavering commitment to prioritising customer satisfaction above all else.

Understanding Boiler Warranties

Let’s begin with the fundamentals: most boiler manufacturers have differing warranties. Investing in a new boiler installation typically comes with a boiler manufacturer warranty, which covers specific boiler components and repairs for a designated period after installation. This first warranty period is a crucial safeguard against unforeseen repair expenses, offering homeowners much-needed peace of mind.

Warranty Status and Coverage Details

When determining whether your boiler is still under warranty, it’s essential to consider the specifics of your installation. Here at Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company, we offer various warranty options tailored to suit different needs and preferences. Our current warranty status is as follows:

  • All boilers we install come with a 6-month labour guarantee.
  • A 10-year guarantee covers Worcester and Ideal boilers.
  • Alfa boilers have a 7-year guarantee.

Moreover, if you’re one of our cover customers, you can extend the warranty period by an additional two years, bringing Worcester and Ideal warranties to 12 years and Alfa warranties to 9 years.

Checking Your Warranty Status

The initial step in determining the status of your boiler manufacturer’s warranty is to gather pertinent information. Locate the boiler installation date and the boiler’s serial number, which is usually provided in the documentation issued during installation. Armed with this information, you can confidently reach out to us, your trusted Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company, for assistance in verifying the boiler model warranty status.

Understanding Boiler Warranty Cover and Maintaining Validity

It’s imperative to comprehend the extent of your boiler warranty coverage. While warranties typically encompass manufacturing defects and issues, they may not extend to instances of improper installation or neglect of regular maintenance. This is where our expertise proves invaluable. At Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company, we stress the importance of adhering to boiler-installed manufacturer guidelines and scheduling annual boiler service conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer to uphold the validity of the warranty term of your boiler warranty.

Exploring Our Comprehensive Boiler Cover Plans

Now, let’s delve into our array of boiler cover plans tailored to suit your needs and budget:

Boiler Plan: Our entry-level plan offers coverage for essential components such as the boiler and controls, providing peace of mind at an affordable price point.

Heat Plan: For those seeking broader coverage of new boilers and central heating systems, our Heat Plan encompasses central heating cover alongside boiler protection.

Home Plan: Our most extensive plan, the Home Plan, extends coverage to internal plumbing, home drains, and electrics, ensuring comprehensive protection for homeowners.

Regardless of the plan you select, rest assured that Scotland’s premier local boiler company has you covered.

Boiler Still Under Warranty

The Advantages of Choosing Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company

When you opt for Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company for boiler guarantees, you’re not merely acquiring boiler cover – you’re gaining unparalleled peace of mind. Our boiler guarantee plans include complimentary parts and labour costs, priority response irrespective of your chosen plan, and coverage from a company renowned for its stellar customer satisfaction record.

Learn More About Your Boiler Warranty Coverage

Understanding the status of your boiler warranty cover is crucial for safeguarding your boiler heating system and against unexpected repair expenses. As your trusted Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company, we’re here to navigate the intricacies of boiler warranties and provide the assistance necessary to keep your boiler operating seamlessly.

So, if you find yourself wondering, “Is my boiler still under warranty period?” don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you and ensure that you enjoy the peace of mind you rightfully deserve. Thank you for choosing Edinburgh Boiler Cover Company – where local excellence meets unparalleled service.